The artist creates an installation, welcoming the designer to Celestine Eleven.

Celestine Eleven is both the ‘alternative luxury store’ situated on London’s Holywell Lane, (some) stone’s throw away from Village Underground, and the pride and joy of its founder, Tena Strok, naturally.

Most recently, it has added to that lineup as home to Christian Kerrigan’s installation for Gina Melosi, the jewellery designer for who recycled metals and fair-trade gemstones are part and parcel of the final product.

The project sees Kerrigan – a former V&A Artist-in-Residence – creating ‘The Sky Is Made of Stone’, supported by the Portland Sculpture Quarry Trust.

Formed of microscopic films, photographs and materials found within Tout Quarry, the result is a narrative that enhances Melosi’s own creations as they make their Celestine Eleven debut.

Said debut see’s Gina’s latest collection, //mineD memories of eXplosive scaRs//, join the likes of Pamela Love and Maria Francesca Pepe in-store and online.


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