The label cum collective launches a new line today.

Geodesic, a generalisation of the notion of a ‘straight line’ to ‘curved spaces’; so says Wikipedia. Our sources tell us it’s the name of STööKI’s debut collaboration with Topman.

11 pieces of 18 carat gold plated jewelley; “minimal shapes”, Luke told Topman Generation. And it all lands online today.

Joining Luke, Quincey and Nadia make up the three-piece artistic collective who form STööKI. As well as jewellery, apparel and music (via Stooki Sound) are what they do, and this is far from their first collaborative effort.

A night at the Tate Modern and a Bench T-shirt line are confirmation of that. The Topman range however, could well be their slickest yet.

Part modelled by a former Clash face, that of Elite’s Conor Doherty, the campaign imagery plays on the label’s signature gold and minimal persuasion.

A must for mathematical medallion fans.


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