The watch brand accompanies the RAF ski team on an extreme training run.
G-SHOCK: Project Chile

For the average consumer, testing a watch means little more than trying it on in-store and perhaps a fiddle with a button or two.

For G-SHOCK’s GW-A1100, it took a visit to Nevados de Chillán with the RAF ski team to secure an ample test run.

Taking to the slopes surrounded by active volcanoes, the RAF team’s intense training was aided by the G-SHOCK Aviator’s ability to endure extreme conditions.

"Ski racing might seem an unusual activity for the RAF,” Squadron Leader Bruno Wood says. “But it develops all the qualities we look for in our people.”

Likewise for the timepiece, the Chile run tested its accuracy and durability; each key qualities for arm candy that needs to provide more than just a nice view.

Check out the video below to gawp at the RAF’s stunts.



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