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It may feel like festival season is nearly over, but really it’s barely begun. Yet to come is Bestival, Green Man, V Festival and Reading and Leeds in the UK – while there are several overseas weekenders as well, as such as Dimensions in Croatia. The season always leaves us pining over the same question: “What to wear?”

How do you dress for Britain’s schizophrenic weather, and how do you look your best without totally ruining your best clothes with mud and fluorescent-coloured alcopops? Or, if you’re venturing abroad, how do you keep cool as well as looking it?

Bonprix has the answers. These three items should be in everyone’s backpacks. Firstly, the tartan over-sized shirt, perfect for throwing on when it’s a little colder, and easy to wash so you can roll around in the mud. Also, it instantly looks like you haven’t tried at all – you just really are effortlessly cool.

Our next essential is a sleeveless jumpsuit. It’s a complete outfit already, so no need to worry about matching tops to bottoms. It can be layered up or down, so is perfect for hot days and chilly nights.

Last but not least is the kimono. This hardly weights anything and is easy to throw in your bag, tie around your waist or use to protect your hair from England’s rain – or the blazing sun in Croatia. It is, of course, on trend with this season’s Oriental vibes.

To steer clear of looking like everyone else, these items can all easily be mixed into your own personal festival style, whether that would be grunge, rave child or hippy. Hence why they’re our picks for your essential festival wear – beautiful whatever the weather.

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