The former cover star collaborates with Spike Jonze's label.

Throw a name to a collection and attention is inevitable. Make a product that both pleases the eye and fits its job description, and you can add some sales too. Pull in the talents of Spike Jonze and Earl Sweatshirt and that’s pre-orders sorted.

The small fact that skateboarding and all that it encompasses is enjoying (in the UK at least) perhaps its finest hour within popular culture – a skatepark in Selfridges, Palace making boards with the Tate, etc etc – and you’re onto a winner.

This month then, sees the release of a long awaited collaboration between Lakai Limited Footwear, the shoe brand founded by Jonze alongside professional skateboarders Mike Carroll and Rick Howard in 1999, and former Clash cover star Earl Sweatshirt.

The connection? Earl spent his youth skating with Nakel Smith – a Lakai team rider – in LA, so the pairing is wholly natural.

The Camby is the key style of the collab – produced in four colourways, two in canvas and two in suede for use on the board – while tees, hoodies, socks and bucket hats complete it, naturally.

The collection is available to pre-order now from various skate shops across the country.

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