Clash infiltrates the studio ahead of London Collections: Men.

Whatʼs the mood for SS16?
Genuine Fake: An imitation of a valuable object that is so good that it is, to all intents and purposes, identical. For SS16 we have looked towards con art and the art of deceiving. It touches on the idea that fashion – and we as fashion designers – create an image, an imaginative world if you like, which is bought into and used to portray our self amongst others. We create genuine fake images of ourselves – the best possible copy of our inner selves.

Sum up the CMMN SWDN casting situation in five words.
Itʼs not just CMMN models.

What song’s currently on repeat in the studio?
The roar from the sewing machine.

SS16 hero of the hour?
Our FedEx driver who time after time saves the day!

Post-show, what are you drinking?
Warsteiner beer

Which other designer will you then rush off to see?
Our good friends at Soulland.

And the biggest surprise of the season so far?
The collection arrived on time!!

CMMN SWDN will present on schedule at London Collections: Men this Sunday; image from the SS16 moodboard.


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