Swedish brand launches limited edition glow in the dark range.

As a child, anything that glowed in the dark was pretty much the coolest thing ever in all the universe-who didn’t hold their hands over their lit watch face, one eye desperate to witness the glow despite it being midday in the middle of summer? And although we’ve grown, anything with a slight hint of luminous yellow begs the question, does it glow in the dark?

Fellow glow in the dark fans will be equally as overjoyed about Cheap Monday’s latest brainwave as we were when the memo hit our inbox. Lighting up the dark season, the Scandinavian brand has released a limited edition collection of glow in the dark products, from mens and womens shoes, to bags and purses, jeans and a T-shirt.

A small run, only 10-30 of each product will be stocked in stores in Hong Kong (D-mop) and Sweden (Weekday) as well as Cheap Monday stores in Copenhagen and London (we get ours last on December 13th).  Fret not if you can’t make it to Carnaby Street, the range is also available through an online pop-up store on the label’s website.



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