Contemporary brand launches a series of events in Shoreditch
Blood Brother

Today we prep like crazy things for the forthcoming shower of womens fashion, however last week the preened and groomed gathered to pour over the newest of the new mens streetwear at Jacket Required. Amongst the buzz and excitement of all this, Blood Brother threw the first of their Never Alone series at the Victorian Vaults in Shoreditch.

The brand-founded two years ago to fill a gap the collective saw for integrity, roots and ambition-is about much more than just clothing, as these nights will show. Photography, film, music and art also feature high on the label's priorities and a quick look at their Tumblr page tells you all you need to know. Their clothes meanwhile-a teeny detail of which is fetaured above-go from acid prints to intriguging embroidery.

With DJ sets from Hot Since '82, Figures and Nummer, the video below is just a little taster from what went down at Never Alone 1, and what you can expect from Never Alone 2.


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