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Skateboarding is a sport that has always tied comfortable fashion to its roots. With a continued attachment to youth culture, brands such as Supreme, Hopps and Huf have created t-shirts, hats and sneakers that have helped boarders stand out for decades.

Breaking away from his board sponsor, pro-skater Alex Olson has founded skateboard company Bianca Chandon, with his aim being to find a brand that does something "a skateboard company does not do."

Despite thoughts of this being just another skating label, a large amount of creativity is evident. T-shirts supporting slogans such as 'If you can’t take a joke' with a hidden flip up printed 'Fuck you' and other slogans help the brand to make light of itself.

Bianca Chandon has placed glamorous imagery on the decks themselves, taking inspiration from drag ball culture and avant-garde seventies photographs to create The House Of Bianca deck series.

The brand applauds the inspirational transgender-dressing styles of the 70s and 80s - with her androgynous looks and impactful cross-dressing, it comes as no surprise that Grace Jones fittingly graces one of the boards.

In tribute, proceeds from the sales will go to the Hetrick-Martin Institute and the LGBTQ Youth campaign, which helps deliver youth development to LGBT young adults.

Words: Laurie Trueman

Image by Viktor Vauthier

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