The Brighton store gets into the spirit of its namesake festival with some stitches.

Beyond Retro have joined forces with embroidery supremo Jenny King to give customers cardies a drizzle of vintage flair. Or jeans, dresses, sweatshirts, jackets, whatever takes your fancy truth be told. Part of this year’s Brighton Festival-seaside dwellers amongst you will have noticed the festival starting up, if simply in poster form; the Embroidery Tattoo Parlour sets up shop in Beyond Retro Brighton tomorrow and is open for one day only.

Fans of inked skin who daren’t go near a needle can get all the swallows and ships their hearts desire, sewn neatly into their clothes without any sign of blood. And those who went forth and stuck the needle in their skin can replicate this on their favourite frock too. Or of course, if you just like the way a spot of embroidery enhances your denim jacket, that’s acceptable too.


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