The brand opens up their factory for the camera.
Flying Horse Jeans

Making a pair of Flying Horse Jeans, jeans, looks like a lot of fun. We’re particularly taken with the cotton spinning in the film below, though if it was us spinning, horizontally, on the cotton, well that’d be just dreamy.

Founded in 2010 and armed today with their own London location (just a stone’s throw from Carnaby Street), David Rix and Sanjay Madan’s label is on the up. Tired of jeans translating as Americana, the pair set up Flying Horse Jeans with travels in South East Asia as a starting point; their factory is based in Thailand.

Indigo dyeing and unique construction methods are their specialty, which they pour into every pair of jeans, piece of knitwear, shirt and outerwear they produce. If you have a thing for factories and snazzy sounds, the below is a must see.



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