One Harrington fan shares their story.

“Baracuta could be compared with the history of the Levi’s 501.”

Akira Tamaki should know, given that his passion lies in the brand and his private collection of Baracuta jackets exceeds most other archives, to the extent that his has since been acquired by the label for research.

Part of the men’s casual outerwear business for nearly forty years, the Japanese store owner is perhaps not your typical G9 fan, a title usually reserved for the more traditional Western fans of eras past: namely Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen.

His initiation into said fandom struck while looking through a book, from which a Baracuta caught his eye, initially unaware of the Harrington jacket’s name.

But as Tamaki explains in the video below, he was soon rushing off to Tokyo to claim his first piece. 



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