As we approach 2014, Clash talks work, rest and play with some of this year’s top teams.
Ash Kingston

He’s got a thing for gap-toothed smiles, a preference for finishing a Tweet with a kiss, and his Instagram followers now top 6,000.

At just 18, Ash Kingston has already had work published both on these shores and across the pond, a part in which Clash was all too happy to play earlier in the year.

Started on Tumblr, now he’s here.


The day job: I sleep and occasionally take photos.

The reason: Just before I started college, I started taking photos of friends and stuff that interested me. Two years later here I am...

Clash connection: I shot a few pages for the fashion news section.

2013 highlight: I just shot for a really huge magazine for the last two weeks, our in March next year. Also signing with me agency and having so many people have interest in my work. Weird but glorious.

Ideal stocking filler: Hopefully Karlie Kloss, but I've got a feeling she's not gonna fit. 

Waving goodbye to 2013 to: 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' by Simple Minds. 


Hopes and dreams for 2014: To shoot my first campaign and develop my style more, and also use the studio a lot and build my confidence even more.


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