Antoni & Alison celebrate their 25th anniversary with the opening of a new tearoom.
Ye Olde Worlde Super Modern tearoom

Their Spring Summer '13 collection celebrated 25 years with 'New Work', while last month a talk at the V&A saw the first and last ever explantation of their work. Last night Antoni & Alison's anniversary celebrations culminated in the launch of their latest venture, a tearoom above their refurnished shop on Rosebery Avenue.

Ye Olde Worlde Super Modern tearoom is exactly as the name would suggest. Fine bone china smothered in felt tip pen-paper plates with hand drawn stars and hearts saved the washing up last night, with many attendees asking the pair to sign them as a keepsake-a 'no choice choice menu' offering a cup of tea with 'olde worlde' cake (traditional sponge with jam filling) or a mug of coffee and a 'super modern' biscuit (one end chocolate with hundreds and thousands, the other tin foil wrapped); glasses of Prosecco were also on hand.

Formerly the pair's office space, the tearoom is situated above the primary shop space while downstairs in the basement is a gallery area. Upstairs being all proper with bright lights and a waitress in a pinny, the gallery could have been in the heart of Camberwell; dark lights, a single table making up the bar and videos of their archive projected on the wall (soundtracked by S Club 7 and Destiny's Child no less).

A most twee of affairs-the tearoom has it's own white picket fence (!)-guests included Thelma Speirs and Paul Bernstock, while the evening's hosts took it in turns to occupy the two floors. This was a right proper jolly party.

Ye Olde Worlde Super Modern tearoom is open now.


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