The pair are selling the last of their famous tees.

A good bargain isn’t always too hard to come by, but a bargain that’s more than just a few less pound notes and a bit more floor trampled, is. Hence Antoni & Alison’s archive T-shirt sale is one of a kind.

Prior to the catwalk shows and the collaborations with watch companies, the pair’s slogan tees were a cult item of the 90s, worn by pop rebels like Robbie Wiliams and Geri Halliwell alike. 

A Designers at Debenhams collection helped bring their jersey pieces into the millennium, and in 2011 a Uni Qlo collaboration once again proved their worth.

Recently rediscovering a stash of their vintage T-shirts, Antoni & Alison are hosting a sale in-store at their Rosebery Avenue shop cum tearoom.

Ending tomorrow, there’s little more than 24 hours to grab a bargain that’s not floor trampled but is a few less notes (down from £50 to just £15 a piece).

Available for both men and women, the tees are no longer in production (swapped for plastic handbags and trompe l’oeil dresses in silk), making your bargain basically a vintage discovery.


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