New campaign from adidas Originals sees creatives collide.
adidas Originals

For their latest campaign adidas Originals have hooked up a whole load of creatives, pairing them up and watching them collide with the help of Adidas's 'collider'. Launched last week, 'Unite All Originals' sees Evan Roth set Iggy Azalea's fierce track 'Boss Lady' against a plain video of stock image, Daniel Disaster and STÖÖKI collaborate on a new track, and Flip and Grace Tang produce like minded pieces of monster art. Kicking off this creative series-which gives individuals the opportunity to mix it up and swap the day job for something different-is the video below. Fast paced and full of fun, the film was created by DJ/producer A-Trak (the song is called 'Landmine 2.0' in reference to the original) and director and visual artist SoMe, the latter whom tells, "it's a new form in itself."


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