Girl power at play.

In the height of summer what do most girls do? They dress in shorts and vests and go to florists with their mates, obvs. For their Spring Summer 13 campaign, adidas Originals decided that is exactly what their (street cast) models shall do. And thus the pictures above came to be.

Shot by Shaniqwa Jarvis-previously responsible for images in i-D, GQ Style and some-Shaniqwa shadowed the girls for a day, creating a series of easy-going photos in the process. As the press release puts it, ‘this is a shoot created by women, with women, for women’.

Bleach London’s Alex Brownsell was the woman on hair duty for the day. ‘It was fun to do something sporty and a bit different to the usual fashion shoots that I'm used to,’ she said. ‘All of the looks were very in line with what we do at Bleach so it was good to have the creative freedom to use colour on the girls' hair’.

The clothes themselves vie between blue floral prints and strong red basketball vests. Perfect for each of your inner Spices.


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