Yvan Rodic offers a stylish photo guide to his favourite cities.
A Year In The Life Of Face Hunter

Travelling the world taking photos of anything you fancy has to be one of the best jobs in the world, right? Yvan Rodic, better known to many as Mr. Face Hunter, does just that for his self titled website, the lifestyle sister to the fashion focused Face Hunter (if you like). Similarly, his follow up book to 2010’s ‘Facehunter’ is titled ‘A Year In The Life Of Face Hunter’, and sees Rodic take 146 flights and cover 268,460 miles. This must be the man for whom the phrase ‘you need to get out more’ could never uttered, surely?

While the former book like the blog, is primarily made up of straight up and down images of good looking outfits, the latest covers day to day life in general. This makes for (alongside delicious clothing) babies, teacups, selfies, seasides and a topless Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. There’re also street snaps of photographers Bill Cunningham, Terry Richardson and Tommy Ton and intros for each place.

Coming in at over 300 pages, there are 30 cities on show here-though as Yvan’s intro states, many more were covered but didn’t quite make the final edit (despite a stolen laptop there were 250,000 images from which to select). The ones that did range from Paris, London and Milan to Kiev, Helsinki and Batumi. Mostly in colour, the photographs are the equivalent of a diary taking Yvan-and the viewer-from day to night, the beach to the bar and the airport to the next city. It’s an interesting record of the times for fans of travel, style and learning, given that each image by default states something about the city in which it’s set.

Fans of Face Hunter will likely buy the book without a second thought, but for young adults who grew up on the Dorling Kindersley guides, this offers a stylish taste of the world those books introduced.  

Out Monday 11th March.



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