A year of unlimited downloads

Over the past few years the myriad branches of the music industry have come up with various novel ideas for embracing the brave new digital world, from numerous online stores to asking punters to name their price for individual albums.

Now, however, perhaps the first system to offer a genuine alternative to illegal downloading is upon us. Unlike most online music providers, Datz Music Lounge gives users both a digital and a physical product - and an unlimited supply of downloads.

How does it work? Well, users purchase the limited edition gift box from www.datzmusiclounge. com (or certain high street retailers) for a one-off fee of £99.99. The box contains a CD and a USB dongle: crank them both up and you’re away, with unlimited access to the DML music database for a full year.

It’s quite a catalogue too, with well over a million tracks to choose from so far, from major companies like EMI, Warner Music and Beggars Group, and lots more to come. All tracks come in MP3 format, are completely legal and DRMfree, so can be copied to all iPods, music players and phones, and they’re yours for ever. Clash have a pair of Datz Music Lounge gift boxes to give away, so two Clash readers will be beefing up their collections throughout 2009.

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