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Accompanying the August 2012 issue of Clash magazine, grab your Cross Section download album to soundtrack the month ahead.

This month we have a free album for you featuring songs from El-P, Cooly G, Benny Banks, I.R.O.K., Light Asylum, Good Dangers, Auntie Flo and Sunless '97.

El-P ‘The Full Retard’ (FAT POSSUM)

One of hip-hop’s most adventurous pioneers tells us to “pump this shit like they do in the future” on a stand-out track coming from his first non-instrumental album in five years. EL-P continues to push boundaries, remaining faithful to the underground.

Cooly G ‘Landscapes’ (HYPERDUB)

The ever-evolving Cooly G treats us to her slick side here on ‘Landscapes’, which couldn’t be more suitably named, as we traverse her syncopated drums, silk vocals and dreamy, land-cruising synths. “Welcome to my world...” We’re already here…and it looks lush.

Benny Banks ‘Goin’ In’ (679/WARNER)

After signing to a major label in late November 2011, this North London rapper stormed into public consciousness with debut single ‘Bada Bing’ in January. Here’s another taste of what’s to come from one of the UK’s most hotly-tipped rappers.

I.R.O.K. ‘All My Children’ (ACID BATH)

Mike Title is a survivor; here he transcends the boundaries of several genres with his ‘psychotropic afropunk’ whilst simultaneously sounding like the Pied Piper in a Moroccan air raid evacuation with Jamie xx refusing to leave his steel drums

Light Asylum ‘Heart Of Dust’ (MEXICAN SUMMER RECORDS)

This dark electo-pop track has all the attitude of Grace Jones with a real ’80s feel. Vocalist Shanon Funchess and Bruno Coviello hit us with an arresting track which illustrates their abrasive skill with full force.

Good Dangers ‘Abigail’ (UNSIGNED)

London’s Good Dangers explore the juxtaposition between light and darkness. Uplifting indie-pop melodies are the setting for deep lyrical introspection. ‘Abigail’, one of their early demos, gained a lot of attention online - it’s not hard to see why.

Auntie Flo ‘Futurismo’ (HUNTLEYS&PALMERS)

Taken from Future Rhythm Machine, this track is a mixture of tribal bongos mixed with futuristic electronica and afro-beat offshoots. It’s got shades of Fela Kuti’s playfulness while being set within an inimitably modern context.

Sunless ‘97 ‘Wicked Gravity’ (NOT EVEN)

From the ‘Making Waves’ EP which gathered so much attention after its release last year, here’s a reverb-drenched track drenched in deliquescent keys . The threesome have given us a slice of sunshine despite their stage name.


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