• Andrew Bird

    Andrew Bird has taken a curious, zig-zag route to his current singer-songwriting semi-success, like a bow across the strings of his favourite violin.
  • Andrew Dominik

    Director of The Assasination of Jesse James.


    Andrew Dominik

  • Andrew Loog Oldham

    Andrew Loog Oldham began his career as a PR man for The Beatles before taking the fledgling Rolling Stones under his wing, famously 'encouraging' Jagger and Richards to write their own material by loc
  • Andrew Weatherall

    “I'm what you might describe as the classic underachiever. I tread that fine line between boffin-dom and the grand amateur.” Andrew Weatherall, 1997.
  • Angus & Julia Stone

    There’s certainly been some great family musical combos in the past, but never a brother and sister pairing quite like this.
  • Ani DiFranco

    Songwriter gives folk a punky energy


    Ani DiFranco

  • Animal Collective

    Much-acclaimed oddballers Animal Collective have long pushed the boundaries of sound.
  • Animal Collective

    Their obsession to make ground breaking, provocative music, has led Animal Collective to be somewhat of a Marmite band; you love ’em or hate ’em.
  • Animal Kingdom

    London four piece whose debut single came with unique cover art. A single artwork split into 500 pieces, as copies were bought an image on the band's website was gradually revealed.
  • Annie

    Annie is a true female musical innovator, making music with that seldom found underground appeal whilst holding main potential also.
  • Antoni Maiovvi

    Antoni Maiovvi’s music is akin to the overwhelming horror of the stalked. The sound of dimly lit streets where everyone is at risk.
  • Apartment

    Apartment’s claustrophobic and stifling melodies, coupled with David’s urgent vocals clearly epitomises this frustration. As the guitars thrash, the percussion certainly beats to its own drum.
  • Aphex Twin

    There’s a lineage that can be traced throughout the history of electronically composed music.