• Alexis Korner

    Titles these days are transitory; heroes come and go and stars rise and fall, such is the cut-throat pace of the entertainment and media industry.
  • Alfredo

    Alfredo Fiorito, dubbed the “father of the Balearic beat”, paved the way for superstar DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, Nicky Holloway, Danny Rampling, Trevor Fung and Johnny Walker with his unique blend o
  • Ali Love

    Dance producer Ali Love is perhaps best known for his appearance on the Chemical Brothers track 'Do It Again' and also his own single 'Secret Sunday Lover' from his debut album 'Love Music'
  • Alice and the Cool Dudes

    Says Alice, “I’ve been singing for a good long while, but a spell at Music School/University killed it for me.
  • Alicia Keys

    Multi million selling New York diva


    Alicia Keys

  • Allen Moyle

    Director of 'Weirdsville'


    Allen Moyle

  • Allez-Allez

    Allez-Allez are Sam Willis and Steve Nolan.
  • Alphabeat

    As they describe themselves, "Imagine the love child of the B52’s and Wham produced by Nile Rodgers and voila you have Alphabeat!"
  • Amanda Blank

    The latest Philly rapper to whip the world around their little finger is a girl called Amanda Blank. And she’s feisty.
  • Amazing Baby

    A first listen through Amazing Baby’s ‘Pump Yr Brakes’ immediately conjures comparisons to another Brooklyn buzz band, MGMT.
  • Ambulance LTD

    None of the members of Ambulance Ltd are native New Yorkers, but they all migrated to the city with the sole intention of playing music as a career.
  • American Music Club

    American Music Club, centred around Mark Eitzel, create dark tales of Americana blended with post-punk aesthetics on albums 'The Restless Stranger', 'Everclear' and 'The Golden Age'
  • Amiina

    To date, Amiina have invariably been introduced as accomplices to fellow Icelanders Sigur Ros, and undoubtedly it’s alongside the post-rock superstars that this all-female quartet have cut their tee
  • Amy Winehouse

    London singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse was as well-known in the tabloids as the music press.
  • An Emergency

    A trio from Exeter/Brighton, An Emergency are a punk-rock act sure to appeal to fans of Hot Snakes and Les Savy Fav.


    Tom, Dan, Ben

  • Anathallo

    Anathallo is a music ensemble originally from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and now based in Chicago, Illinois.