Alt.Country pioneers

Jeff Tweedy gives the impression that this new album is like a completely fresh start, for the band, as well as himself. When I ask him about the new album’s minimal production he sweepingly states: “I don’t really think that much about production”, before having to check himself and remember that one of his greatest successes as a musician was the beautifully produced ‘Yankee, Hotel, Foxtrot’. When I ask him what he thinks his greatest music achievement is he is quick to name drop ‘Impossible Germany’ from his latest release as if none of the previous two decades work existed. Couple this with Wilco’s reasonably new line-up and their lead singer’s new found health and peace, it is as if Tweedy and Wilco are a new band entirely.


Jeff Tweedy , John Stirratt , Nels Cline , Glenn Kotche , Pat Sansone , Mikael Jorgensen


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