James Lavelle's ever-rotating squad of creatives

Beginning as a loose concept, initially envisioned as a MoWax “supergroup”, the enterprise came into existence under the helm of James, Tim Goldsworthy (DFA Records) and Kudo (Major Force) before it was reduced down to a partnership with fellow MoWax musician and friend DJ Shadow. Their debut 1998 record ‘Psyence Fiction’ was by Lavelle’s own admission an “experiment” that fused his production prowess with recruited guest vocalists such as Thom Yorke and Badly Drawn Boy. 2002 follow-up ‘Never Never Land’ experienced even more shake-ups when the partnership was trimmed down to a duo of Lavelle and singer/producer Richard File. Under their guidance, the record explored the deepest darkest depths of electronic abstraction, bringing a striking experimental dimension to their sound. Now the partnership is back with third album ‘War Stories’, and the feel is decidedly different. Recorded in the Californian desert with Queens Of The Stone Age producer Chris Goss, the guitars are out in force. The bass lines grind. UNKLE are back. And they’re in a rock state of mind.


James Lavelle , Richard File


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