Tori Amos

Ivory tickling cult-goddess

There’s something beautifully bizarre about Tori Amos. Cult goddess, independent icon and fairy flower child - she’s all these women and more. With a career of fifteen years plus, cult following, and with over 12 million sales, she’s still burning with artistic energy. Now, her offbeat output is about to turn a page - with the release of her official bootleg box set titled simply ‘Piano’. A collection of 86 songs remastered and unreleased, selected by the lady herself from her nine studio albums, ‘Piano’ is retrospective on a career that redefined the singer songstress. The 43-year-old’s confronted both female sexuality, personal trauma, forgotten mythology and identity, while constantly disregarding creative confines - only she could rework Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ as a post-coital gasp for air, as seen on covers collection ‘Strange Little Girls’.


Tori Amos


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