The Magic Numbers

The family that plays together...

Likened to The Mamas and Papas and the summertime Beach Boys sounds of the late 1960s, The Magic Numbers’ initial song-writing efforts did capture the melodic euphoria of a west-coast American sound. Yet it could be viewed that this was way over simplistic, as they clearly seemed to aim to extol the soul of the great Stax and Motown artists and particularly in Michelle’s deep, gliding basslines also touched upon the blues-rock sounds of great live bands like The Pixies. Formed in 2002, the band's members (made up of two sibling sets, brother and sister Gannon and likewise, the Stodarts) The Magic Numbers began touring heavily throughout London. Quickly gathering the attentions of various labels and bands such as Travis and Ed Harcourt, the band eventually signed to Heavenly records and released the highly-successful single 'Forever Lost'. Recorded between 2004 and 2005, the band's debut strode triumphantly into the top ten, becoming the year's biggest folk-pop success story. Mercury nominations followed, walkouts on Top Of The Pops (presenter Richard Bacon famously angered the band with the introduction of "a fat melting pot of talent") and world tours were completed. The band's last album, 2006's 'Those The Brokes' saw the band return with more Mammas & Pappas-influenced folk-pop, with comparisons also being made to Fleetwood Mac. The Magic Numbers are set to return in 2009 with their third album.

Levi's The Craft Of Music

Find out about Levi's The Craft Of Music acoustic sessions, featuring Chilly Gonzales, Beardyman, Steve Mason, Lissie, The Magic Numbers and Carl Barat, taking place at their flagship Regents Street store from 17th August. Find out more about the events HERE and sign up to get free tickets HERE.



Sean Gannon , Angela Gannon , Romeo Stodart , Michele Stodart


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