The Horrors

Cult London goth-garage rockers

Clad in black, The Horrors are as intimidating on the eyes as they are on the ears. Formed in London in 2005, they rose to infamy on the back of an extreme stage show and a raucous sound. With an image seemingly too well orchestrated to be real, from the heavy fringed hair to the elaborately gothic stage names, now after a two year break it would seem the goth rockers are here to stay. Forming due to a mutual love of 1960s garage bands, with Faris and Tomethy, or Tom Cowan, already friends, they began styling themselves on a mix of 60s icons and gothic influences. An association with London’s Junkclub led them to instant exposure and their first single Sheena Is a Parasite benefited immensely from this. They released their debut album Strange House in 2007 and as their fan base grew rapidly among a teenage audience they embarked on a global tour. With multiple festival appearances throughout 2007 and an appearance in the Mighty Boosh as a fictional band, the Horrors seemed to be progressing to new levels in their career. Although they announced their new album at the end of 2007 after releasing the cult favourite “She Is the New Thing” and a deliciously gruesome video with it, it in fact took two years for Primary Colours to be released, with songs from the album being leaked a week before the release date. Although it would seem the music world has slightly forgotten about these ghoulish guitar toters, with Primary Colours the band have grown up from gimmicks and shown integrity as a band.


Faris Rotter , Joshua Third , Tomethy Furse , Spider Webb , Coffin Joe


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