The Delta Fiasco

Audio/visual sonic architects from Liverpool

With a sound that sits impatiently between The Velvet Underground and European techno, The Delta Fiasco have crafted an audio-visual ‘happening’ of subversive, avant-garde allure. With catchy hooks, haunting vocals and synchronised bleeps the Liverpool outfit bring a whole new darkness to the current de rigueur for smiley-faced nu-rave. However don’t expect a depressive sound. Their live shows may be filthily malevolent slices of electronic spectacle but with remixes by Ladytron, and a west coast recording base courtesy of the Virgin Tears there is an optimistic lightness slicing through their particular brand of sonic architecture. Vocalist Nathan Walzack enthuses, “Each night is a moment, to catch just one person in the crowd thinking, ‘what the fuck is happening?’” Unsurprisingly they are considered Liverpool’s most intense live act: exhilarating.


Nathan Walczak | Nick Bentley | Simon Hilton


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