The Brute Chorus

Very modern folk

Although London based, the soul of the country is always audible in the Brute Chorus, understandable considering they’re from Cumbria, Somerset and Southend. The words “new” and “indie” by now rarely go in the same sentence, but these contemporary blue players have made it happen. In true free-spirited fashion they plan on releasing their debut album on their own label, avoiding any intervention from commercial record companies. They even avoided the traditional studio route for recording their debut album, choosing instead to record in front of an audience live at Camden’s Roundhouse. After recording the album in an hour and a few weeks later hearing the final mix, they decided to wait 6 months to build up support for the band until they released it. Some might say this was a strange move but it’s done no harm to the folk rockers. With singer James Steel taking on the main songwriting duties, his confident charismatic ways would be expected to take over, but in fact the band operates as democratically as possible, although they admit there are frequent arguments in a brotherly love format. In releasing ‘All The Pilgrims’, ‘Chateau’ and ‘She Was Always Cool’ they claim to be trying to make people dance, their live shows notoriously rowdy, as if you had somehow stepped into a rockabilly bar by mistake. Frequently compared to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, it’s easy to see the future success this eclectic band will have, seamlessly blending blues, folk, kraut and rockabilly to name but a few into their unique sound. As if they hadn’t put together enough sounds, they also added a rockenspiel for good measure. Strange, but true, as is the world of the Brute Chorus.


James Steel , Nick Foots , Dave Ferrett , Matthew Day


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