The Bishops

Retro Pop Rock Trio

The Bishops have not stopped since they started. Now that sounds like a ridiculous statement but it’s true… following a huge tour last year around the UK and Europe, they were given a tiny window in which to record their self-titled debut album, before heading off back on the road to promote it. Heavily influenced by bands like The Hollies, The Everley Brothers and The Platters, Bath-born twins Mike and Pete Bishop hooked up with Scottish drummer Chris in London. Their Beatle-style dress and 60’s beat music caught the attention of producer Liam Watson, who has The White Stripes and The Zutons albums to his name. After seeing them play just one gig, he gladly produced first their debut single, and then the album after they signed with 1-2-3-4 Records.


Mike , Pete , Chris


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