The Aliens

Beta Band alumni and a Pigeon

“I was dreading it, I must admit,” concedes John MacLean, “November in Britain, in a band, lifting all our own gear. I mean, it’s fine, but maybe it’ll be nice to get this stage over.” You see, it wasn’t a very long time ago that MacLean and his fellow band mate, Robin Jones would have been sat in a cosy tour bus whilst other less fortunate folk were moving amps and fiddling with microphone leads. But Jones and Maclean are no longer in The Beta Band. They’re in The Aliens now. Moving amps is simply part of the deal. The other member of their new band is Gordon Anderson. Anderson was a founder member of The Beta Band but due to a serious illness he missed out on his former bandmates’ success, having to go it alone as the suitably titled Lone Pigeon (The Beta Band were originally called The Pigeons). The Aliens are thus more than a new band; they are a band that nearly was before.


Matt Bowman , Oliver Main , Ryan Wilson , Dave Best , Jimmi Naylor


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