• The Bongolian

    The bongo isn’t the most fashionable of instruments, less nu-rave and more old-smelly-beatnik, but that hasn’t deterred Nasser Bouzida, AKA The Bongolian, from using it as the keystone for a rhythmic
  • The Boxer Rebellion

    London based alternative rock group. Once signed to Poptones, the band are now unsigned but have enjoyed significant success on the iTunes chart working on a DIY basis.
  • The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

    The Boy Who Trapped The Sun; real name Colin is from the Isle of Lewis, originally a fisherman - he headed south to London, signed to Geffen and the rest as they say is history
  • The Breeders

    From the ashes of Pixies came the alt rock juggernaut known as The Breeders. Centred around Kim Deal, and her sister Kelley, the group mix the chaotic rock of Pixies with an assured pop touch.
  • The Bronx

    The Bronx is an American hardcore punk band from Southern California.


    Matt Caughthran, Joby J. Ford, James Tweedy, Jorma Vik, Ken Horne

  • The Brute Chorus

    Although London based, the soul of the country is always audible in the Brute Chorus, understandable considering they’re from Cumbria, Somerset and Southend.
  • The Bug

    Kevin Martin’s output as The Bug is a permeable fusing of dub, ragga, dancehall, bashment and digital epoxy which ignites in unison to quite staggering effect.
  • The Bundles

    Much-loved New York anti-folker Jeffrey Lewis has formed a band, The Bundles, with fellow indie icon Kimya Dawson, plus Jack Lewis, Anders Griffen and Karl Blau.
  • The Buzzcocks

    Legendary manchester punk band led by Pete Shelley.
  • The Byrds

    In the decade that spanned The Byrds’ existence, the band found themselves protagonists of folk-rock, psychedelic-rock, jazz-rock and - after discovering and drafting in Gram Parsons - country rock.
  • The Cavaliers

    Libertines-influenced band from Holloway, London.


    Maff , Brad , Jay , Russ

  • The Cave Singers

    Seattle based band that play folk music distilled through the virtues of punk.
  • The Cesarians

    London based purveyors of 1930s Berlin caberet style melodies.


    Charlie Finke , Justine Armatage , Jan Noble , Suzi Stampella , Alison Beckett

  • The Chap

    The Chap know how to mix it up.
  • The Charlatans

    Long-standing UK act, who have survived more musical trends than they've released albums.