• Ten Kens

    Freshly signed to Fat Cat records, Toronto's Ten Kens number four (none named Ken) and are soon to undertake their first full UK tour.
  • Terry Callier

    A cult singer blending folk, jazz and soul Callier's output was sporadic and he retired in 1984.
  • Thao

    Dark, country-tinged pop for the twilight hours. Think Cat Power in cowboy boots and you wouldn't be a million miles away.
  • That Fucking Tank

    That Fucking Tank was formed in 2004 for a one-off performance by friends-since-school Andy Abbott and James Islip who met over an owl.
  • The 2 Bears

    The 2 Bears – aka Raf Rundell and Joe Goddard – first began crossing paths in the DJ booths of London town.
  • The Accidental

    English folk group made up of members of groups such as Tunng, The Memory Band and The Bicycle Thieves.


    The Accidental

  • The Ads

    Glasgow indie band. The Ads got their break with a release on legendary venue King Tuts in-house label.
  • The Adverts

    "The Damned have three chords, the Adverts have one" so went a famous punk era poster. The Adverts were a first wave punk band, and in Gaye Advert on bass they had the era's UK pin up.
  • The Aliens

    “I was dreading it, I must admit,” concedes John MacLean, “November in Britain, in a band, lifting all our own gear.
  • The Alps

    Greenwich based indie act whose debut album was funded by the Gibson Guitar site.


    Daniel Hepinstall , Mule , David Edwards , Hezi

  • The Anomalies

    Breakbeats,beatboxing, structured noise, hip hop beat..its all here courtesy of Mouthmaster Murf (MC) Sam Meehan aka Goldseal (MC) and DJ Mayhem, Hereford's slickest new style mashers.
  • The Answering Machine

    Combining the sort of choppy guitars that The Strokes seem to have forgotten and raw, Pixies style vocals, this young Manchester art-pop trio create sunny melodies perfect for the summer festival seas
  • The Antlers

    Starting back in 2006 as the solo project of Peter Silberman - the guise under which 2007’s debut ‘In The Attic Of The Universe’ was released - The Antlers subsequently became a three-piece with
  • The Asteroid Galaxy Tour

    Centred around the creative coupling of two lovesick Danes, The Asteroid Galaxy Tour combine space rock thrills with a pop sensibility.
  • The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

    Coming on like The Mammas And The Pappas, The Concretes, The Cardigans and Gnarls Barkley rolled into one, this band have been together for one year yet still manage to be one of the most exciting new
  • The Atlantic Story

    When Ahmet Ertegun died in December 2006 not only did Atlantic Records lose its Founding Chairman but the music world was robbed of a true original; an innovator, a pioneer and a gentleman, he was the
  • The Automatic

    Welsh rockers The Automatic are perhaps best known for their summer anthem 'Monster'.


    The Automatic