Ethereal experimentation from Austrian newcomer

Few musical discoveries in recent years - perhaps ever - have been as staggering as that of Soap&Skin aka Anja Plaschg. The sheer force this young artist (she is only eighteen) injects into her compositions almost beggars belief, her songs consuming every last drop of her with no regard for grace or beauty. Anyone who has witnessed Anja Plaschg live, who has experienced her, suffered with her as she casts her feverish gaze across the audience, surrendering herself to them and to her music, gasping for breath one moment and, her head tossed back, howling like a wolf the next, a fragile figure possessed, will recognize the shimmering deathly science that heralds a historic moment. Anja Plaschg has passed the point of no return, yet one would almost like to drag her back from the abyss, the dimensions of her art as immeasurable and unfathomable as an iceberg. At the same time, even if one has heard it all before, the babble of a natural born genius, the compulsive artist, there is no escaping the fact – she does what she does because she has to.


Anja Plaschg


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