Sebastien Grainger And The Mountains

Ex-DFA1979 member goes T-Rex retro-rock...

Sebastien Grainger is best known for cutting his teeth as the drummer and vocalist for Death From Above 1979, the Canadian dance-punk duo who rose to prominence in 2004. Grainger had been biding his time since DFA 1979 parted, but now releases his full length solo LP ‘Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains’, out on Saddle Creek in March 2009. Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains are fast gaining a reputation for being one of the most exhilarating live acts around, as witnessed at this 2008's CMJ festival. “The live performance is something that’s new every night, and it changes,” Grainger says. “I thought I was going to put out a pretty passive record, but it’s this kind of unruly rock.” 'Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains' is the kind of record that sits as easily next to the ballsy rock of Queens of the Stone Age and AC/DC as it does the early ‘70s swagger of Bowie/T-Rex. MySpace


Sebastien Grainger – guitar and vocals, Nick Sewell - bass, Leon Taheny - drums, Andrew Scott – keyboard


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