The elusive Scuba is already a big name in dubstep, and the Berlin based Brit won’t stop any time soon.

Scuba, real name Paul Rose, only got into electro at 16 and was instantly inspired to start producing his own work, however didn’t seriously try until he was 23. By this point he had been through many changes in his music taste, from jungle to house and everything in between, but in 2001 when the early dubstep tracks started to emerge it had a lasting impact. At this stage he wasn’t just interested in producing his own music but also starting his own label, creating Hotflush Records, popular with artists like Sigha and Mount Kimbie who are trying to find their own way in the industry. He first became known on the ‘Box of Dub: Dubstep And Future Dub’ album released on Soul Jazz Records with single ‘Subaqueous’, a killer track veering from space-age to subsonic. His debut LP, ‘A Mutual Antipathy’ released 2008, continued to mix up styles between dub and electro as well as inspiring others such as Martyn and Surgeon to remix his work. Not satisfied with having his own label as well as being a producer, Scuba also set up his own clubnight, moving to Berlin in 2007 to start Sub:stance, a showcase of the UK’s best dubstep talent at Berghain. Now it might be hard to bring him back to London, as he seems to have found his cultural home in the German capital. Highly demanded for his DJ skills, during 2008 and 2009 he was called for from Australia to the USA to bring his signature form of dub and electro to clubs worldwide.


Paul Rose


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