Scouting For Girls

Cutesy indie-pop from South East London

Had Supertramp grown up in the 80s on a diet of outdoor pursuits and The Really Wild Show, as Scouting for Girls clearly did, they would have sounded a lot like this piano-led trio. Boyhood dreams of becoming a superspy (‘I Wish I Was James Bond’) and tributes to Michaela Strachan (‘She’s So Lovely’) float effortlessly over glorious melodies and jovial hooks to create unadulterated pop gems. “Our songs are like a nostalgic look back at our childhood,” says frontman Roy Stride. “For me, melody and harmony are the key; things that make you go ‘Wow’


Roy (Piano & Vocals) Greg 'danger' Churchouse (Bass & Vocals) Peter (Drums & Vocals)


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