• Scouting For Girls

    Had Supertramp grown up in the 80s on a diet of outdoor pursuits and The Really Wild Show, as Scouting for Girls clearly did, they would have sounded a lot like this piano-led trio.
  • Scuba

    Scuba, real name Paul Rose, only got into electro at 16 and was instantly inspired to start producing his own work, however didn’t seriously try until he was 23.
  • Sea Wolf

    Thoughtful indie from this Los Angeles based group. Mournful cellos sit alongside synths as Sea Wolf crash together genres in a uniquely creative pop process.
  • Seabear

    Seabear, or Sindri Sigfússon, as his mother calls him, is the latest musician set to join the aforementioned artists in the Icelandic hall of fame.
  • Sean Lennon

    Preconceptions can be an awkward cross to bear: none so imposing as the obsessive preconception of a revered icon. Labels can be laborious to peel off.
  • Seasick Steve

    Born with the name Steve Wold, this American hobo come bluesman have travelled most of his life, playing his own unique dog house music along the way.
  • Sebadoh

    Lou Barlow's home demo project has become an acclaimed act in its own right.


    Lou Barlow , Eric Gaffney , Jason Lowenstein

  • Sebastian

    French house producer. Born Sebastian Akchote, Sebastian has been making music since he was 15.
  • Sebastien Grainger And The Mountains

    Sebastien Grainger is best known for cutting his teeth as the drummer and vocalist for Death From Above 1979, the Canadian dance-punk duo who rose to prominence in 2004.
  • Secret Machines

    Secret Machines, purveyors of understated, whimsical, urgent, psychedelic rock, are back with their third album.
  • Section 25

    Originally from Blackpool, this Factory act have recently been re-discovered by crate diggers intent on finding new samples.
  • Senor Coconut

    Senor Coconut - an amusing nom-de-disque for a red-haired, mustachioed maverick that grew up in Frankfurt and ordinarily goes by the (somewhat more prosaic) name of Uwe Schmidt.
  • Sepalcure

    Sepalcure’s combination of love for bass and 90s house acapellas is the culmination of a cathartic two-week collaboration between Machinedrum and Praveen.
  • Seraphim Codex

    Despite having spent the best part of a decade seeding BPM’s across Eastern Europe, Croatia’s Seraphim Codex (aka Robert Imbriši?) only really came to Clash’s attention in the lurid land of hop
  • Serena Maneesh

    Serena Maneesh are an indie rock band from Oslo, Norway.
  • Sergeant

    Four young guys from Glenrothes following in The View's wake as another great new Scottish talent making itself known.
  • Sergei Bodrov

    Director of Mongol: The Rise to Power of Genghis Khan


    Sergei Bodrov