Reverend & The Makers

As much Jacob Marley as they are Bob Marley

Initial demos alluded to a love of reggae and funk, something which the promo writers are still using to describe Reverend and the Makers. It’s all wrong though, because McClure’s recent efforts are just as much Jacob Marley as they are Bob Marley; darker with predictions of impending doom. Not that the reggae/funk influence is to be denied. “Yeah, I grew up listening to a lot of funk and reggae, a lot of Bob Marley,” he explains. “Obviously when I grew up I managed to branch out a bit. I’m of the generation of Oasis so that got me into guitar music but as I’ve got older I’ve got into literally everything and I’ve developed a love for dance music.”


Jon McClure , Ed Cosens , Tom Jarvis , Joe Moskow , Richy Westley , Laura Manuel , Stuart Doughty


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