Primal Scream

Legendary British maverick outlaw act

Formed in Glasgow in the early 80s, Primal Scream have squeezed more twists and turns into their career than you could possibly make up. Getting serious after front man Bobby Gillespie quit his day job as drummer for the Jesus and Mary Chain, he teamed up with Andrew Innes, Robert Young and Jim Beattie to begin the first phase of Primal Scream as jangly indie pop kids with tracks such as 'Velocity Girl' and 'Crystal Crescent' with debut single 'All Fall Down' being released on friend Alan McGee's fledgling Creation Records. Towards the end of the 80s they lost Jim Beattie and, as the core trio of Gillespie, Innes and Young, relocated to Brighton and took on a harder edge under the influence of bands like The Stooges and The MC5. While releasing their garage rock influenced music, the band were off discovering the Acid House movement and falling under it's influence. What began with an Andrew Weatherall remix of 'I'm Losing More Than I've Ever Had' (which become 'Loaded'), the team up spiralled into 'Screamadelica' and a genuine era defining album with the tracks 'Moving On Up', 'Come Together', 'Higher Than The Sun' and 'Don't Fight It, Feel It'. After losing their way on follow up 'Give Out But Don't Give Up', the band slow regained their experimental and more adventurous edge over albums 'Vainshing Point', 'XTRMNTR', 'Evil Heat', Riot City Blues' and 'Beautiful Future'. Losing guitarist Robert Young in the process but gaining former Stone Roses bassist Mani who is credited with breathing new life into the band, forming a new soundbite dispensing double act with Gillespie. Now firmly established as UK music scene veterans they continue to infuriate and inspire in equal measure with their erratic swings between trad rock and stunning experimentation.


Bobby Gillespie , Andrew Innes , Gary 'Mani' Mounfield , Kevin Shields , Martin Duffy , Darrin Mooney


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