Nina Walsh

From dancefloor to alt.folk

Nina Walsh is a groundbreaking composer, performer and producer. Her path in music began when, at aged thirteen, she decided it would be cooler to learn to play the guitar than the oboe. She studied Spanish classical for 4 years and soon began writing her own compositions. Her first commercially recorded vocal performance was on the Primal Scream track 'Original Sin' - remixed by the famed DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall. Nina and Andrew went on to set up and successfully manage two techno record labels: 'Sabres of Paradise' and ‘Sabrettes' (those at the Brighton Festival in 2000 may remember The Sabrettes Tent as being the last one standing!). Following the success of several bands on the Sabrettes label in Iceland, Nina helped kick off the techno scene in the country when she co-organised 'UXI' - Iceland's first ever dance festival in 1995. The star line-up included The Prodigy, Aphex Twin and Bjork . Nina performed at Glastonbury and the Phoenix Festival with SLAB - a phat-beat creation she set up with Lol Hammond. During the mid-90s, the band (said to "out-chemical the Chemical Brothers"!) released 5 singles and 2 albums - 'Ripsnorter' and 'Freeky Speed' on the Hydrogen Jukebox label. Nina met Alex Patterson from The Orb through living in the same block of flats in Battersea. Together they co-wrote two tracks - 'Ghost Dancing' and 'Plum Island' - both of which appear on The Orb's highly acclaimed album 'Cydonia' (Universal/Island). She has also recorded demos with producer Youth and collaborated with Andrew Weatherall’s Two Lone Swordsmen outfit on their album “From the Double Gone Chapel” on Warp Records. Aside from managing a pro-audio suite in London, Nina runs her own specialist experimental underground label, C-PIJ Records as an outlet for what she calls her "electronic rantings". The label's first 'Wah/Fuzz/Swell' album was preceded by four 7” singles. Nina has also worked with other great musicians on the album including acclaimed classical cellist Audrey Riley and singer Gareth Thomas. Nina's songs are simple, beautiful and honest. She sings in a way that is reminiscent of Marianne Faithful but has her feet placed firmly in the 21st century – a talent displayed on her haunting and beautiful solo album, ‘Bright Lights & Filthy Nights’, released in October of this year.


Nina Walsh


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