Nice Nice

"post-everything modern music"

From Warp Records' press release: Nice Nice are Jason Buehler and Mark Shirazi, a duo that have been using guitars, drums, voices, electronics and lots of other stuff to create their "post-everything modern music" for nearly a decade. Their second single on Warp 'See Waves' came out on February 8th, to be followed by their debut album 'Extra Wow' on April 5th in Europe and April 6th in the United States. They say: "We have listened to and played a lot of noisy/experimental music and rhythmic/tribal music and komische/motorik influenced music but, honestly, we have listened to and tried to play just about every style of music that we have come across. We are complete musical omnivores and love a really wide range of styles and sounds without shame- too much music to possibly list."


Jason Buehler , Mark Shiraz


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