New Young Pony Club

New Young Pony Club can’t agree on anything.

The quintet is having an unbelievably hip moment right now and these two know it. Balancing an insouciant charm with tunes that hold up to the hype, it’s a winning combi­nation they’ve been perfecting since around 2004. Unsurprisingly, the pair disagree on how they originally became acquainted. “It was at that Rapture gig wasn’t it?” jokes Andy. “No, we actually met at a sci-fi conven­tion,” retaliates Tahita. Uniting their back­grounds in dance music (him) and punk bands (her), their first limited run single ‘Ice Cream’ sold out in days so they went about recruiting a full band they could “get sweaty” with. Enter Lou (keyboards, looking gamine), Igor (bass, looking very tall and hairy) and Sarah (drums, looking hot in purple dunga­rees) stage left.


Tahita Bulmer , Andy Spence , Lou Hayter , Igor Volk , Sarah Jones


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