Neon Neon

A whole different band

Getting picked up in a DeLorean that ought to have a flux capacitor on the back to be ferried to your chat is, for a child of the ’80s, something of a treat. ‘But why?’ you may well ask. Well, because Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip have made an album themed around the vehicle’s inventor’s life, that’s why. Both Gruff and Boom Bip, who contributed vocals and production to each other’s projects before, wanted to sidestep their usual styles. “We didn’t want to make it into a Gruff Rhys solo album produced by me or just Boom Bip feat. Gruff Rhys,” says Boom Bip. “We wanted it to be a whole different band, essentially.”


Gruff Rhys , Boom Bip


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