Marc Bolan

Glam Rock's Cliff Richard

Although best known for inspiring a legion of fashionista teens and finding out how well a mini makes a tree decoration, Marc Bolan's legacy spanned a number of generations and produced what can be described as the most easily recognized Glam Rock known to the world. T-Rex was known best for it's screaming teen girls, but as Bolan had progressed though the Rock folk mix that Led Zeppelin had spawned in their third album, his style evolved into a masterful combination of simplicity space and hooks that could fill a dance floor. Oasis as well as many other have cited Marc Bolan as a major influence to their music and listening to a greatest hits or the first album is shouts 90's britpop. See classic pictures of Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Redcar Jazz Club by Graham Lowe


Marc Bolan


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