French of tongue, oddball of pop

It’s probably better to have this discussion away from your Granny, but to be ‘sick’ used to be a bad thing. These days to be ‘sick’ is a good thing. And no one exemplifies this semantic shift more than the latest melodic offering from across the Atlantic, Malajube. Singer and guitarist Julien explains from where they plucked their name back in 2002: “It’s a really, really rare frog disease – it’s also because it’s the nickname for French Canadians and we are from Montreal!” This Quebecoise quintet of 26-year-old men possesses several facets that make them stand far from the maddening crowds. They can’t read nor write music, their songs are completely intuitive. Arcade Fire personally requested they warm up their European tour. Their album ‘Trompe-L’oeil’ was produced by Martin Pelland from The Dears. Their wonky yet elaborate pop is riddled with a malignant sadness yet it’s underpinned by an irrepressible buoyant joy. They swing from tender keys to balls-out rock and roll upon a six Franc piece and their keyboardist has only one eye....


Julien Mineau (vocals, guitars), Francis Mineau (drums), Thomas Augustin (keyboards, vocals) and Mathieu Cournoyer (bass)


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