Magik Markers

US noise-pop/rock duo

Magik Markers are a noise rock band from Hartford, Connecticut. The members, Elisa Ambrogio, Pete Nolan and Leah Quimby started the band in their basement in 2001. After opening for Sonic Youth on their American tour in 2004, the band gained notoriety. Their debut album, 'I Trust My Guitar, Etc...' (released in vinyl only), was released in 2005 on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label. In 2006, they released 'A Panegyric To The Things I Do Not Understand' under Gulcher Records, the Markers' first proper CD. Also in 2006, the band recorded a session for Southern records' Latitudes series, which was released as 'The Voldoror Dance'. Leah Quimby left in May 2006. Various people filled in before they eventually settled as a duo composed of original members Pete and Elisa. In September 2007, the band released 'Boss', which was produced by Lee Ranaldo. This record was the most structured recording the Markers had released to date. Following in the wake of the Textile release 'For Sada Jane' and the 'Road Pussy' cdr, the band set out to more accurately capture the sound of Magik Markers practices and jams, as opposed to the performance driven chaos of live shows. In 2008 Magik Markers played for the first time in Scotland, Austria, Ireland, Latvia and Wales. Jefferson Hack invited the Magik Markers to perform live from Studio A at Abbey Road in London, as part of Nick Kent's ShowStudio project. Magik Markers traveled to Nitra, Estonia to appear in (award winning director of Sugisball) Veiko Ounpuu's upcoming film. Peter Nolan was honored to again play drums in Jandek's band alongside Matt Heyner in London, and Elisa Ambrogio joined Six Organs of Admittance on a US and two European tours. Peter Nolan's Spectre Folk played their first UK tour, with Julie Tomlinson and John Truscinski. While not touring Elisa Ambrogio recorded an LP and performed with San Francisco Dirty Stealer (featuring members of Comets on Fire) and contributed short pieces of writing to various projects. In the winter of 2008 the Magik Markers recorded a new record tentatively titled 'Balf Quarry' with Grammy winning producer and wizard Scott Colburn of Seattle, set to be released in April on Drag City Records.


Elisa Ambrogio, Pete Nolan


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