• Marilyn Manson

    Antichrist superstar. Former music journalist Brian Warner turned into Marilyn Manson, carving out a career as a globe trotting goth rocker selling albums by the millions.
  • Marina And The Diamonds

    Marina And The Diamonds are a rising act in 2009, attracting comparisons to the likes of Regina Spektor, Bat For Lashes and Kate Bush.
  • Mark Moore

    Light heartedly fusing the groove of Chicago with the hard hitting club sounds of Detroit, Mark Moore put his own distinctly British slant onto dance music.
  • Marlena Shaw

    Born into a musical family Marlena Shaw appeared at the Apollo in New York when still a child.
  • Marmaduke Duke

    Marmaduke Duke is the self-created, surreal and musical world of enigmatic Scottish duo The Atmosphere and The Dragon, two frontmen better known as Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro and JP Reid of Sucioperro.
  • Marseile Figs

    A three piece Big Band? You better believe it! A London based band, influenced by everything.
  • Marshall Chess

    The son and nephew of the founders of the legendary Chess Records label, Marshall Chess learnt the business at the knee of the greats while soaking up the label's amazing output.
  • Martha Wainwright

    From that most musical of families, Martha holds her own against dad Louden and brother Rufus. No mean feat.


    Martha Wainwright

  • Martin Dawson

    In late 2006, King Roc - otherwise known as Martin Dawson - had had it with the music-writing process.
  • Martina Topley Bird

    Featured heavily on Tricky’s landmark trip-hop record ‘Maxinquaye’, the voice of Martina Topley-Bird is familiar to many who may have never seen her face.
  • Martyn

    Over the last year Martyn reached critical mass - the Dutchman’s beautifully subtle take on modern bass music having made him a regular darling of the trend press for the last few years.
  • Mary J Blige

    Singer, rapper, producer and all round hip-hop icon Mary J Blige is one of the most successful female artists of her generation.


    Mary J Blige

  • Massive Attack

    Legendary UK dance act, have outlasted nearly all of their peers. 3D and Daddy G did much to invent the trip-hop genre.
  • Master Shortie

    Representing the DIY musical attitude of the Skins’ yoof generation, Master Shortie is set to release an album of tracks that straddle indie, electro, grime, rap, pop and everything in between.
  • Mastodon

    Now four albums into their career, Atlanta foursome Mastodon are re-writing the metal handbook one release at a time. Album discography: 'Remission' (2002) 'Leviathan' (2004)
  • Maths Class

    Techno-rock bonfire from Brighton. Pythagoras would've approved.