Led Zeppelin

70s rock supergroup

70s rock supergroup, helped invent heavy metal and became, in their own era, the world's biggest band. Loathed by the serious rock press, Led Zeppelin had huge sales and strode across the globe in a private jumbo jet, busily consuming narcotics and cavorting with groupies. Their lust for life was matched only by their artistic vision as the band, anchored by guitarist Jimmy Page, proved themselves to be sensitive, capable artists. The death of drummer John Bonham in 1980 brought this rock juggernaut to a halt, leaving behind a legendary, and hugely influential back catalogue. Though renowned critic Lester Bangs would still insist they were never as good as The Yardbirds. On December 20th 2007, Led Zeppelin played a one-off concert in London's O2 arena, accompanied by Jason Bonham on drums. Since then, Led Zeppelin have been plagued with rumours of them reuniting for a full world tour , they have denied these rumours.


Jimmy Page , Robert Plant , John Paul Jones , John Bonham


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