Spiky, danceable New Wave from Newcastle

“Do It Yourself”, according to Wikipedia, is a term “used by various communities that focus on people creating things for themselves without the aid of paid professionals”. In Kubichek!’s case this definition is about as close to everything they stand for as a band as you can get. “You want a sandwich mate?” asks singer Al McDonald before the Geordie newcomers take to the stage in a Surrey nightclub. “Grab a roll and make it yourself then.” See what I mean? But then that’s the beauty of Kubichek!. They wear their DIY hearts on their sleeves and expect nothing in return. Spitting with explosive guitar-hooks like a Rick Witter fronted Editors turned up to 10, Kubichek!’s tunes reek of inner city aggression.


singer Al McDonald , Mark Nelson (guitar), Frog (bass) and Chris McGreevy (drums)


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